Bitcoin Can Reach $60,000

Bitcoin Can Reach $60,000

While the above statement might be shocking and for some even impossible to swallow, many experts have also predicted an ultimate and stable rise in the price of bitcoin in the following years.

They said, “Bitcoin is destined to become the world’s largest crypto network and who knows it may eventually succeed, but a few crashes are destined to happen as well and we don’t have to go that far; the potential crash of 2019 and 2020 will suffice”.

These were the mixed comments of various experts when investigated upon the next few predictions regarding bitcoin. Let us dive into various assumptions which corroborate with this theory:

1. Market Sentiment

The money or assets rolling in the crypto business does not belong to any corporate sector or the single organization, they are people's money and should be acclaimed by the general public.

When people witness any empty slots through which they can make money, they would tend to invest every single penny to extract profit out of the situation if possible.

The overall sentiment of the market improves, profits start booming and prices start to climb.

2. Risky business

Cryptocurrency networks have been among the riskiest and most volatile business ventures. That is the beauty of business - you just have to invest in and keep going until you reach your level of self-realization and be satisfied with the profit you are going to make.

Since that factor is impossible to count, people with the desire to make more profit and to have high bitcoin value continue to invest. The wheels keep going, that is why bitcoin is destined to reach a market value of $60,000 in the upcoming years.

3. New Discoveries

Some of the new discoveries and predictions made by evaluating the stats and cross-referencing the algorithmic patterns of the past few crashes, experts have discovered a validating factor. That after every crash bitcoin has found itself more stable and stronger among the cryptocurrencies. That’s why after the 2019 and 2020 surge the Bitcoin is likely to become stable at $60,000 if that doesn’t already happen in the upcoming months.

After giving certain discoveries and predictions about Bitcoin reaching $60,000 or beyond, let us provide with the affirmative reasons why this crypto coin may also fall in 2019 in the first place.

Predictions made for a possible 2019 crash

Many experts and business tycoons related directly or indirectly with cryptocurrency have something to share regarding a potential 2019 crash. Below are some of their views as they have said themselves:

  • Stock Exchange members strongly believe that bitcoin prices will fall drastically in 2019.