Bitcoin Mining Software

Bitcoin Mining Software

Bitcoin mining software is responsible for connecting your bitcoin miner to the blockchain or to the mining pool. The input and output of the bitcoin miner is also handled by the bitcoin mining software.

Output may include such things as the hashrate, the temperature, as well as the fan speed and the average speed of the bitcoin miner itself. There are several different types of bitcoin mining software available. These bitcoin mining software differ by such variables as information, operating system, type of mining device, miner protocols, getwork extensions and so on.

Bitcoin Wallets

Bitcoin wallets will become necessary once you begin to use bitcoin mining software. A bitcoin wallet is essentially an address where you will receive your bitcoin rewards and payouts. Without a wallet, you will not be able to trade bitcoins or any other type of cryptocurrencies. There are several different types of bitcoin wallets available including Breadwallet, which runs on iOS, Electrum, which runs on Windows, Linux or Mac; Mycelium, which is the most popular wallet for Android; Ledger Nano S, which runs on all platforms; Copay, which is a user friendly mobile wallet; and Armory which is a desktop wallet with sturdy security features.

The different bitcoin mining software types have different features and different advantages and disadvantages depending on the type of operating system that they run on. Some examples of bitcoin mining software are as follows:

  • Bitcoin miner – which runs on Windows. This features power saving mode, easy-to-use interface, mining pool support, as well as fast share submission.
  • BTCMiner – which runs of Windows. This features dynamic frequency scaling and ready-to-use bitstream.
  • CGMiner – which runs of Windows. This type of software offers the detection of new blocks, fan speed control, as well as multi GPU and CPU mining support.
  • CGMiner – which uses Linux operating system. This offers features such as fan speed control, support for CPU mining and multi GPU support.
  • EasyMiner – This is a GUI based software that supports the getwork mining and stratum mining protocols. This software gives performance feedback in the form of graphs that can be viewed and analyzed.
  • RPCMiner – which can be run on Macs. This software is able to integrate with Mac OS APIs and systems.
  • Hashflare – This is a cloud mining software that allows for the mining of several different types of cryptocurrencies, including bitcoins.
  • Genesis Mining – This is also a cloud mining software and is the largest bitcoin mining provider now available.
  • Minex is also cloud based and is presented in the form of a game which simulates economic platforms and markets.
  • Hashnest – Could mining software which may be rented from Bitmain, the producer of the popular Antminer line.

There is some bitcoin mining software that is free. Some of these include MinePeon, EasyMiner, BFGMiner, BTCMiner, BitMoose, DiabloMiner, 50Miner, CPU Miner, Pyminer, Remote Miner, and many more.

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