Crypto Billionaires

Crypto Billionaires

During the launch of Bitcoin some people had access to it for free, not even a single penny was charged, so it was a ravishing offer. After a whole year, the price was lifted to $0.37-$0.65, yet a minimal number of sales could be conducted.

And till 2017, when bitcoin was sold at the all-time highest price of almost $20,000, many notable people had predicted this outcome for a long time and in the sense of availing this auspicious opportunity cashed their bitcoins and made a tremendous fortune in return.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the people and notable business magnates who made their fortune in Cryptocurrency investments.

1. Chris Larsen

Chris Larsen is the 57-year-old co-founder of Ripple. It is currently estimated that he has $7.5-$8 billion dollars of value in cryptocurrency and is believed to be the wealthiest person bearing this much money in the form of cryptocurrency.

Chris Larsen made his fortune trading Bitcoins and was smart enough to invest in digital currencies, and now he is believed to be the most stable and most prosperous cryptocurrency owner with his own cryptocurrency platform known as Ripple.

Ripple actually is an alternative to other cryptocurrencies, a multi-billion conglomerate owned by Chris Larsen. Trading and understanding the mechanisms of cryptocurrencies have really turned the life of Chris Larsen, and you can be next.

2. Joseph Lubin

The co-founder of another cryptocurrency network known as "Ethereum" is known to have $1-$5 billion in cryptocurrency. After Bitcoin, Ethereum is considered to be the most capable rival in the world of cryptocurrency.

Joseph Lubin was able to pull it off, because for some great reasons he had invested a lot in bitcoin and all his efforts cashed out in the end. Not only he holds the amount mentioned above in crypto but also has his own cryptocurrency franchise.

As many of you probably already know, Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency ever introduced and that is why all the people on this billionaire list have made their fortune by investing in this cryptocurrency.

3. Changpeng Zha

Changpeng Zhao is believed to have around $1.1-$2 billion in the form of digital finance. He is 41 years old and is the founder of “Binance” which is the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange.

The trading company has high-frequency trading systems for the brokers and allows people bearing cryptocurrency to trade online without searching for a more secure and encrypted service.

Changpeng Zhao was the former member of and has also worked for designing cryptocurrency wallets. Bitcoin trading and investing have brought this sweet fruit for Changpeng Zhao.

4. Twin Brothers Cameron and Tyler Winklevos

The twin brothers are believed to earn a vast fortune of millions of dollars after settling their lawsuit with Facebook. The Winklevoss brothers, being smart and understanding the opportunities at the time, invested all they got from the lawsuit into Bitcoin.

They are one of the first Bitcoin billionaires and are believed to have $900 million to $1.1 billion in BTC cryptocurrency. In 2015 the Winklevoss brothers had established their own cryptocurrency platform known as “Gemini”.

Wise decisions, application of the experience and understanding of cryptocurrencies has brought all these gifts for the Winklevoss

5. Mathew Mellon

An early investor and former cryptocurrency advocate who is believed to have $900 million to $1 billion in the cryptocurrency. He is considered to be the final heir to the Mellon Banking Fortune.

All his fortune and excellence in business is due to the financing and investing in Bitcoin. This is proof how investing in Bitcoin, working on building an effective strategy and cashing out at the right time (when the price is near the highest) can bring massive success in the long run

6. Brian Armstrong

He is 35 years old CEO of the digital currency exchange called “Coin base”. An overall estimate of the crypto assets in possession of Brian Armstrong is somewhat in between $900 million to $1 billion in total.

He is believed to be an early investor in the bitcoin franchise and now has his own digital trading company.

Other notable Crypto investors

This was a brief list of people, and business magnates possessing above $1 billion in cryptocurrency and all of them polished their success from Bitcoin. It is clear from here that people who were wise enough to invest in bitcoin in the early stages made the most money and achieved great success in business.

Now, we will briefly review other notable cryptocurrency owners that have digital assets below $1 billion:

  • Matthew Roszak, co-founder, Bloq - $1 billion
  • Anthony Di lorio, co-founder, Ethereum - $1 billion
  • Brock Pierce, Chairman, Bitcoin Foundation - $1 billion
  • Michael Novogratz, CEO Galaxy Digital - $1 billion
  • Brendan Blumer, CEO, - $700 million
  • Dan Larimer, CTO, - $700 million
  • Valery Vavilov, CEO, Bitfury - $700 million
  • Charles Hopkinson, co-founder, Ethereum, $600 million
  • Brad Garlinghouse, CEO, Ripple, $500 million
  • Barry Silbert, CEO, Digital Currency Group, $500 million
  • Vitalik Buterin, Creator of Ethereum, $500 million
  • Tim Draper, Founder Draper Associates, $500 million
  • Song Chi-Hyung, CEO Dunamu, $500 million