Guide: Getting a Bitcoin Wallet

Guide: Getting a Bitcoin Wallet

After you have signed up with a trading website where you will be buying/selling bitcoins, the very next step is to set up your Bitcoin wallet. A Bitcoin Wallet is a virtual asset where all your inherited Bitcoins will be stored behind encrypted safety measures.

Which means only you can access your bitcoin wallet and it also removes any ill influence like hacking or stealing your cryptocurrency. Below you can find a simple guide through which you can set-up your first Bitcoin wallet.

You can choose various wallet options from your selected trading website. For the purposes of demonstration in this guide, we will be referring to the wallet.

To access the wallet, select the option “get a free wallet” in the right upper corner of the website, as shown below.

Guide: Getting a Bitcoin Wallet

  • A new page shall open, now enter essential information like your Email address and password which you are unlikely to forget, remember this password or passkey will be used every time for getting access to your Wallet.
  • Now click over the little box that says, “I have read and agreed to the Terms of Service & Privacy Policy” and please read the privacy policy and terms of use very carefully.
  • Click "Continue" and you will be successfully logged into your Bitcoin Wallet.

How Do Bitcoin Wallets Work?

There are many kinds of bitcoin wallets - from offline to online versions - the above one is the online version. Each one of the categories has been composed with unique characteristics and so the functionalities for each are also different.

Your bitcoins are rather taken away like little chunks of the code that are simply representing them on your wallet. They don’t share a physical presence which is pretty much the whole purpose of having a decentralized economy.


They will be stored on the main server of the blockchain and then, later on, they will be stored on the node computers to be all around the global economy. Your wallet hence contains the bitcoin address that will be the similar one as your randomly generated public key. This key is a long string that is based on the numbers and also characters. It is public information and every single person can see this. This wallet is based on the private keys that are going away all with the address or the public key.

Important Facts

If you are not configured with the combination of at least two keys, then you would not be able to use the Bitcoins. Some of the wallets hence do contain the addresses and hold on to the public and private key pairings that would be making each one of them as public information.

It is critically important to understand that wallets do not actually contain the bitcoins. It is based only upon the permission of spending the Bitcoin for trading and other financial applications.

Using Wallets (Caution)

If you lose permission to spend your digital bitcoins and your keys, then that would definitely mean that you will be losing your bitcoins as well. This is for the reason that you will no longer be having access to your cryptocurrency wallet (there are still some options to recover it, but I would highly recommend to not get into this situation). So, it is very important that you should remember your key combinations along with other useful information in order to never lose access to your wallet.

The Ultimate Process

Most of the bitcoin wallets that are especially the old ones are comprised of the full node wallets. This normally means that you will be downloading the whole of the blockchain and will be acting upon as the relay or as the transmitter of transactions as even those that had nothing to do with you.

You will be receiving your transactions from one side of the nodes and then will be passing them to the rest of the other nodes. This will contribute to some additional updating of the bitcoin network and syncing your data along the way.

In the bitcoin wallet, the process would be rather about converting the small runs of the money. This is such kind of money that would be left over as in from the side of the spending into the bitcoins (investments).

Making Transactions

In order to perform any transaction including selling/buying or trading your bitcoins over a foreign financial ground, you will have to follow these steps described below:

This is the simplest way of accessing your wallet and making transactions without any hassle.

What you should know about Crypto Wallets?

If you do want to learn about bitcoin then it is important to jump into this process and get a few insights about how it actually works.

Some of the beginners are creating a huge fuss out of it that getting the bitcoins is one of the daunting tasks. Well, it might be for the beginners, but it has rather come about to be one of the easiest and safest as you ever think it has been. You can consider it as easier as opening the account at some traditional bank place, but much faster, simpler and much more flexible. Let me demonstrate how:

Guide: Getting a Bitcoin Wallet

There are quite a few important and unique things which you should be learning about bitcoin. You should have a complete overview of how you will be sending and receiving the bitcoins plus how you will be buying it from the person or an exchange.

Before you get yourself all started, you will need to choose your Bitcoin wallet.

If you are worried about getting a Bitcoin Wallet then relax, you aren't going to find it over an ordinary shop. The website you chose for trading will guide you through the process of setting up your bitcoin wallet and after this, you will have your own personal bitcoin wallet right away!

You can start off from one on your own computer, in this way you will be exploring the world of cryptocurrency from your comfort zone. Go grab your wallet from the concerned trading website and start trading now!

What is a Wallet all about?

Wallets are basically known as the ultimate locations for the storage of your bitcoins and other digital currencies.

It can even be called out as the form of software that has been all designed for the purpose of storing bitcoins (this is the online version of the wallet). But there is also the offline version of the wallet which is operable all through the desktop computer, laptop, as well as mobile devices.

You can also consider storing bitcoin as on so many other different devices such as the hard drives, thumb drives or pen drives. If you are conscious or have some risk of getting hacked then finding thumb devices is the best option available.

Moving to the next portion, we will be discussing your bitcoin wallet on your computer. You have to first of all start thoroughly by downloading the original version of the bitcoin wallet or the client in a Windows or in a Mac Format.

You cannot make them mention to be just the wallets as they are part of the bitcoin network too. They are all accountable as for where they will be receiving as well as storing and sending the bitcoins which are more of an accountability check inflicted by the trading exchange.

You can create one or more addresses with a click, just in case if one address is down or not working. You would have to manually incorporate the details of the person receiving bitcoin. Then, it would be transferred straight into the wallet of the other person. You can even create a QR code which will let someone take a picture by means of using the app on their phone and send you some bitcoins. This method is the safest of them all so far.

This type of wallet will be acting as a primary storage facility both for you and as part of the bitcoin networking system as well. The main reason behind its working is that each of the transaction is broadcasted and at the same time it is recorded as a specific serial number across the entire system.

Any kind of computer system that is accompanied by the right kind of software is ideal and compatible with checking and supporting the network! This wallet will act as a two-way service; mentioning as the personal wallet and as the support for the system.

Bitcoin is basically known to be the decentralized economy. This does normally mean that they are not at all regulated by means of any financial institution or any kind of government sector. You won’t have to put yourself into any kind of the long list paperwork when it comes to Bitcoin transactions and doing business with Bitcoin. You just need to know how to use the Bitcoin wallet, how to receive bitcoins and how to send bitcoins to other individuals.