Next Possible Crypto & Bitcoin Crashes

Next Possible Crypto & Bitcoin Crashes

Although reviewing the past crashes of the price of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is productive enough in learning the esteemed lessons from them, we have to also look at and consider what the upcoming years may bring?

We have gathered all our resources and built a more efficient system based on facts and preliminary assessment of the new prices of bitcoin.

That’s why we will be always a step ahead in determining the next game plan for the crypto world.

Caution: As promising and unique this concept may sound, there is no certainty or any other form of acclimation that predicted prices would be 100% accurate and will provide an effective market evaluation of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

These are just estimations and predictions based upon facts and systematic study of the crypto world.

Also, in our view, cryptocurrencies are more likely to rise in the following years than crash. We only gathered the negative news and theories here and show them below because we believe that we all should be aware of the potential risks.

Only the price tells us the real value and where the market will go. Make sure to read our trading strategies to find out how to trade cryptocurrencies profitably.

Possible Bitcoin Crash in Upcoming Years

By upcoming years, we mean especially 2019 and 2020, because something big may come to the cryptocurrency market. There are some reasons why these years are on hitlist for a crypto-crash, but also a lot of reasons why there can be a huge comeback of Bitcoin - possibly with a new high above the $20,000 price level.

Let's see why a crash may happen so everyone would be fully prepared.

1. High Wave theory

According to this theory, the price of bitcoin is susceptible to fall because of the investors losing their taste in Bitcoin and exploring other available options like alternative cryptocurrencies.

2. Competitor market spreading its wings

The ultimate reason for turning to cryptocurrency was the surety and protection while transferring huge funds from one place to the other. Encrypted and safe transactions along with safety and anonymity. No doubt bitcoin has held its end of the bargain and has provided the investors with all of these, yet other competitors and rivals are doing the same at a very affordable price.

So, if we have learned anything from the market, it is that the price factor always convinces investors and the general public to invest in something likable in all senses and yet affordable and available at low cost.

And only time will show us how cryptos will be doing in this manner.

3. Acceptance Rate

Since only a handful of countries are validating the use of bitcoin as a payment method, Japan being at the top, the acceptance rate is still quite low. But it can easily grow very fast.

4. Environment inefficient

Mining technique is used to solve the difficult equations and create more bitcoins in the process. According to a valid source, 60-Terrawatt energy gets consumed by these machines in the process of mining one bitcoin. The expense of electricity can easily exceed the profit of the bitcoin extracted.

This environmental inefficiency will not prove good for bitcoin in the upcoming years. Until something is improved.

Possible Bitcoin Crash in 2019

Since cryptocurrencies were not doing so well in 2018 in terms of achieving new higher prices, many experts and market analysts have reached a verdict that 2019 will be the first deadly crash for bitcoin.

If we start to support this theory then the dream of having a cashless world would be a preposterous assumption to develop. If there is no decentralized cryptocurrency such as bitcoin then what is the reason for implementing such an idea whatsoever?

Here are a few reasons for why experts and predictions have pointed 2019 as the year when Bitcoin may plunge worldwide:

  • A deadly crackdown against those who have converted their black money in the form of cryptocurrency is in progress. Some people tried to hide their true income. That is why many bitcoins have been discarded or taken by the authorities.
  • No new investment in bitcoin and increased rivalry taking place in the market are the reasons which corroborate the theory of bitcoin's demise.
  • Investors who put in leverage investments in bitcoin are more likely to corrupt the cryptocurrency because they don’t have enough knowledge about crypto investments.
  • Increased leverage in any cryptocurrency is destined to fail, and bitcoin has been showing higher commitments to increased leverage. This can make the market even more volatile than in 2017.