Robust Profitable 6 Hour Bitcoin & Crypto Trading Strategy

Robust Profitable 6 Hour Bitcoin & Crypto Trading Strategy

Why do I like the 6 Hour chart? Not many use it. Most traders use standard time charts, so using less common parameters for your trading can place you ahead of the pack thanks to how to using unique information to make trades.

Note: Using custom time frames is something that you might not be able to do on your current broker, so make sure that’s available if you want to use it. If your broker doesn’t support this feature, then you may want to start looking for another one for the long term.

1. Trading The 6 Hour BTC Chart Without Indicators

As I’ve stated previously, price action is a very powerful and versatile indicator in its own right.

That’s because all other tools are really just ways to simplify the information provided by price action and are derived from price action. Hence, elite traders rarely use indicators and they can obtain all the information they need just by looking at the candlesticks alone!

So, let’s see how I traded this 6H chart just by using price action:

I start seeing how the price started to lose momentum after the September 2nd candle, so I started plotting a trade; I waited for confirmation.

The confirmation came when the next movements, signaled by the red arrows, started to prove that momentum was, in fact, dropping, so I waited for a big bearish swing to hop in.

After the huge drop on the second candle on September 5th, I immediately jumped in as soon as I saw another candle forming, and I decided to ride the trend without a fixed Take-Profit order but with signals from the price action instead. My Stop-Loss was above the swing high - a little bit of a higher stop-loss here, but this was a high probability trade in the direction of market momentum so the wider stop wasn’t likely to be reached.

When the few counter movements started to appear, I placed a TP on the same price as the close of the last consecutive bearish candle ended so I could take back that number and not risk anything else. The TP was then met a day after, netting a whopping 500 points in profits!

2. Trading the 6 Hour BTC Chart With Indicators

Now, let’s take a look at this chart:

Robust Profitable 6 Hour Bitcoin & Crypto Trading Strategy

Can you tell why I used these three indicators? Let me tell you my entry and exit points for this SELL position:

Robust Profitable 6 Hour Bitcoin & Crypto Trading Strategy

I enter at the 6,700 mark and exit at 6,450 because my indicators signaled it.


  • The Simple moving average (brown) gives me a standard median for market behavior.
  • My Exponential MA then tells me what traders and the market are doing lately. The combination of the two tell me when a trend is dying.
  • By Parabolic SAR, coupled with my EMA, tells me when a reversal comes, so I know when to exit.

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The trade followed three simple steps:

  • When I spot that the market started moving straight towards the Parabolic SAR once again and it pierced it (not too deep, but the Parabolic SAR started drawing below the price!) and then another confirmation was that the market tried to move lower (right after the Parabolic SAR was hit - the red bearish candle), but immediately after that it started moving up again.
  • So the market wasn't able to create another lower low and the bearish move was over. I exited the trade with 250 in profits!

6-hour time-frame trading is a little bit different - something between swing and position trading. But you will be able to find very nice trading signals here - especially with loosing and increasing momentum in the market moves.

I would definitely recommend checking the 6-hour charts when trading BTC & Crypto as well!

Trade well!