European Union Promotes AI Development with Supercomputer Access

European Union Promotes AI Development with Supercomputer Access

European Union to Accelerate AI Innovation

During her State of the Union address in 2023, Ursula von der Leyen, European Union President, unveiled a ground-breaking plan to grant AI enterprises swift access to European supercomputing infrastructure. This innovation-driven move was one of the key points presented in her enlightening speech on September 13.

Bracing for AI's Potential Risks

In the broader context of artificial intelligence, von der Leyen cited a public appeal by global AI experts stressing the need for thorough regulatory attention towards potential harmful effects that could arise from unfettered AI technology.

A Blueprint for AI Framework

She put forth an explanation of her vision of a globally applicable framework for AI regulation and innovation. This new structure would be founded upon three major principles: setting boundaries, establishing control, and fostering innovation.

The EU President referred to the EU’s distinctive “AI Act” as an ideal architecture for a global model. Further, for supporting governance, she advocated for a globally inclusive body akin to the International Panel on Climate Change.

AI Startups and EU Supercomputers

In line with the third principle of innovation guidance, an EU-directed scheme to enable AI startups quicker access to Europe’s supercomputers was revealed by the president. This accelerates their ability to research and train models on these high-performing systems.

“With Europe leading the charge in supercomputing power – owning 3 of the world’s top 5 supercomputers - we have to take full advantage of this position,” she urged.

Minimal Global Standards for AI: The Next Step?

Von der Leyen commended the American tech firms that have willingly adopted AI standards and guidelines, as well as EU companies aligning with similar principles. She ended her address by suggesting the next step is to unify these efforts in the direction of setting minimal global standards for safe, ethical AI use.