Training in the Metaverse: Bank of America Turns to VR for New Employee Programs

Training in the Metaverse: Bank of America Turns to VR for New Employee Programs

Bank of America’s VR for New Employee Training

The Bank of America (BoA) presents an ingenious blend of virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI), targeted at imparting crucial training to its new recruits. The training scenarios range from dealing with irate customers to rehearsing responses for potential bank heists.

As reported by Bloomberg on July 13, the bank has implemented a week of rigorous training for its 2,000 fresh recruits, an integral part of which includes familiarizing the staff with a variety of simulated scenarios through VR headsets.

Mundane to Extreme: A Wide-ranging Simulation

The VR modules encompass a wide range of procedures - dealing with disgruntled customers, managing clients requesting large withdrawals, and even confronting an outright bank robbery. Trainees can also opt for relaxation in their VR universe with options to ride unicorns or unwind at a relaxed island.

In addition to VR, AI is used to enable the new employees to practice customer interactions with bots. These AI-driven bots also provide helpful guidance throughout the conversations.

Training in the Metaverse: Bank of America Turns to VR for New Employee Programs

Having been exposed to this virtual training methodology, over 200,000 of BoA’s global workforce can vouch for the effectiveness of these tech-driven modules. In addition to this, BoA's call centres also benefit from AI coaching bots for client communication drills. Supervisors also delegate additional staff training to these AI bots.

Integration of VR with Job Fairs

BoA is contemplating the use of its VR universe for job fairs. The objective is to enthrall young aspirants with the elements of excitement and innovation involved in banking, allowing them to experience a bank associate's role virtually.

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