U.S. Legislators Propose the Establishment of a National Commission on Artificial Intelligence

U.S. Legislators Propose the Establishment of a National Commission on Artificial Intelligence

Launching a New AI Initiative

A bipartisan team of legislators from the United States recently proposed a new piece of legislation aimed at forming a commission to scrutinize the nation's stance on artificial intelligence (AI).

A Pivotal Step Towards Regulating AI

Introduced on June 20, this bill represents a cross-party effort to institute a commission responsible for evaluating the country's approach to AI. The main focus of the bill is to set up regulatory parameters within the burgeoning AI sector. This initiative follows close on the heels of calls by consumer protection groups in the European Union for an examination of the AI algorithms driving popular chatbot platforms.

The National AI Commission Act

The National AI Commission Act is a collaborative venture, introduced by Representatives Ted Lieu, Ken Buck, and Anna Eshoo. The bill seeks to create a national entity tasked with developing a comprehensive framework to govern the application of AI.

The Act has been designed to tackle the potential hazards associated with AI technology, with Representative Lieu underscoring the need to thwart any potential harm emanating from unchecked AI deployment. To ensure this, the commission aims to assemble a diverse group of experts, government officials, industry leaders, and labor representatives. Their shared objective will be to devise recommendations for an efficient AI regulatory system, as per the legislators' plan.

Industry Response and Support

Merve Hickok, president of the Center for AI and Digital Policy, expressed her support for the National AI Commission. She described the proposal as both opportune and vital, stating it would enforce necessary AI regulations and encourage public participation in defining the nation's AI policy. The Center has previously warned about the U.S.'s lack of readiness to confront future challenges posed by AI.

Hickok viewed the proposal to establish a commission as a step in the right direction, applauding the lawmakers' initiative.

Tech Influencers Echo the Call for AI Regulation

This legislative action occurs amidst growing calls from several high-profile figures in the technology sector. Prominent individuals, including billionaire Elon Musk and others, have repeatedly underscored the need to implement measures to curb the rapid advancement of AI. Notably, Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, the organization behind ChatGPT, has recently voiced his concern about the pressing need for effective regulation within the AI industry.