Cryptocurrencies Of The Future

Cryptocurrencies Of The Future

Straight and simple, you won’t get anywhere if you invest in a crypto coin that simply won’t exist in a few years (or even months).

Long-term investors must be fully aware of where each of their coins is going, as well as which one of those has a positive future.

However, there’s no need to fret in case you haven’t thought about the long-term value of the cryptocurrencies you own; I’m here to illustrate you which coins are here to stay, and whose price may grow with time.


Ethereum was a game changer for cryptocurrencies; it showed us that the blockchain was capable of much more than we first thought.

Ethereum is not a cryptocurrency, but a platform with a native token. Ether is necessary for operating with smart contracts and everything built on the platform, so its value is backed by functionality.

Ethereum has a bright future, as many side projects have shown us, and its capabilities go way beyond what we’ve seen so far. With such a wide spectrum of uses, this platform hasn’t seen all its capable of.


Ripple has been smart about its concept as a simple translator for value between different, overseas currencies for the simplification of transactions.

The main reason for its long-term value is that it has formed alliances with some of the biggest financial institutions like Santander for widespread adoption of its blockchain, which further strengthens its value.


Dubbed as the “Chinese Ethereum”, NEO is practically Ethereum but simplified. Whereas the latter only supports its own programming language, NEO allows for easier options like Java.

That accessibility, coupled with the massive support from the Chinese government, give NEO a huge advantage over other cryptocurrencies, especially when news about regulations arise.

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin has been seriously critiqued over time due to the centralisation it suffers when it comes to mining and several serious scalability issues. However, Bitcoin Cash has been created from those complaints and it has received widespread acclaim.

While many use Bitcoin as value storage, Bitcoin Cash went back to its principles and set out to be just a more effective medium of exchange - simply, money.

The result is a more efficient platform that looks to substitute its parent blockchain as time progresses.


Litecoin is yet another cryptocurrency that simply wants to be money, a coin!

It was created to be a more accessible version of Bitcoin, known as “Bitcoin’s silver”, and it has remained stable over time.

The reason it sits in this list is that it is just designed to be a medium of exchange, and its very effective at doing so! So, we won’t see them pulling off crazy and dangerous stunts that may compromise its stability.


IOTA is yet another medium of exchange that wants to be just that. However, this coin has a very interesting solution for scalability: every two new transactions confirm the previous one, so miners aren’t necessary.

This makes scalability non-existent for this coin, giving it a bright future!